Structured Data Semantic Exploitation Framework

CASPAR is a modern ETL framework aspiring to harvest the fruits of Semantic Technologies and knowledge graphs.
90% of the world’s current digital data was produced in the last two years, and the U.S. alone produces upward of 2.6 million gigabytes of internet data every minute. With so much information, it is no wonder many organizations are paralyzed with indecision wondering:

  • What do we do with all this data?
  • How do we manage it, use it and extract value from it?

In the big data era, an organization’s approach to mining and managing information could lead to starvation in abundance.
Within this context, CASPAR provides a domain-agnostic tool for the automated retrieval and fusion of in-house structured data from disparate sources into domain-specific semantic models (ontologies), in order to enable the discovery of new knowledge and facilitate the extraction of actionable insights in a way that simulates the human reason.

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Find out about CASPAR features and how they can elevate your business

Domain-agnostic Framework

CASPAR is a domain-agnostic framework and acts as the core of sophisticated semantic exploitatin platforms

Data acquisition connectors

CASPAR is fed with structured data from your infractructure, including data warehouses, repositories, databases and more

Meaningful suggestions

CASPAR minimises human effort with suggested mappings of incoming data to ontologies

Semantic reasoning

CASPAR generated fruitful conclusions, actionable insights and advanced search results

Stelios Kontogiannis

Knowledge Graph Engineer

Christina Michailidou

Senior R&D Software Engineer /
Team Leader

Marios Iacovou

Data Scientist

Konstantinos Avgerinakis


Pavlos Kosmidis

Chief Executive Officer